Frequently asked questions about the 5 Hour Course Online

The Online New York 5 Hour Pre-Licensing Course (OPL) is a 100% training course approved by the NY Department of Motor Vehicles to teach future drivers how to safely drive on the road.

All permit holders in New York wishing to take a road test must complete the 5 Hour Pre-Licensing Course.

In order to take the Online 5 Hour Pre-Licensing Course (OPL) , you must have a valid New York State Permit and be at least 18 years old. Students must have the photo permit, not the temporary paper permit.

Students with a Junior Permit (DJ) or Motorcycle Permit (MJ) are not eligible to take the Online 5 Hour Pre-Licensing Course (OPL).

In order to take the Online 5 Hour Pre-Licensing Course , you must have a valid New York Photo Learner Permit. A temporary permit will not be accepted. You must wait until you receive your card permit in the mail from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

The NY DMV requires that you verify your identity at multiple touchpoints throughout the course. You will be prompted to answer a security question and complete a simple and easy typing verification process.

We try to identify your identity in a seamless, accurate and non-instrusive process by using Typing Verification. Typing Verification is able to confirm your identify because each individual has a unique typing pattern based on the timings and durations of various key press events. We are able to use typing keystroke and biometrics analysis to store a baseline typing pattern that we then use to match new typing patterns and verify your identity.

We strongly recommend using the same device throughout the course. Your typing pattern may be dependent on the device you use and may infer with our ability to accurately identify your identity.

Students will not be able to continue the course until they pass each Typing Verification checkpoint. Due to DMV standards, failing three consecutive typing checkpoints will exclude you from the course. If this occurs, please contact us for further support.

There is no final exam in this course. However, you will have to take a brief 3- question quiz at the end of each module. You must score at least 70% on each quiz to proceed to the next module.

You will be emailed a confirmation of Course Completion from Online Traffic Safety immediately after successfully completing the online Pre-Licensing Course. Online Traffic Safety will automatically submit your completion information to the New York State DMV. It may take up to 24 to 48 hours for your course completion to be posted on your driver record.

Once the DMV has received notification of your course completion, you will be able to schedule your road test with the NY DMV. You will not be required to present a physical completion certificate at the Road Test Site.

The course is designed to take approximately 270 minutes to complete. There will also be short quizzes throughout the course. You are able to complete the course at your own pace.
Due to NY DMV requirements, you have 30 calendar days to complete the Online Pre-Licensing Course. After that, you will be unable to complete the course. Please contact customer service for further help.
Our state-of-the-art course is interactive and educational. Our customer service is top rated and will help you throughout the way. We want to make sure you complete your course and recommend us to your friends!

We are currently waiting for approval from the New York DMV. Please check our website for updates.

We are currently waiting for approval from the New York State DMV. Once the course has been approved, we will update our website.
Yes. Before you can start your online 5-hour course, the DMV requires you to prove you have a valid New York learner permit that includes your photograph. If you have a temporary learner permit with no photo, you must wait until you have a photo permit before can take the course. If you only have a temporary (paper) permit, you must wait until the card permit arrives in the mail from the DMV.
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